Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birthday Goodness

Recently I celebrated my birthday, I lucked out with a sunny day, lovely food and some great celebrations with friends and family in London and Amsterdam - I'm a lucky girl!

Along the way I received some amazing gifts, this post shows a few unexpected gems that came from some amazing people.  I admit, not all were birthday gifts, but they came around the same time so I counted them as gifts anyway!

This gorgeous necklace that I'm sporting here is from Zoe at 'Ladybird Likes'.  It's a lovely butterfly wooden cut out on a silver chain.  A great statement piece to a summer outfit!  She also sent a lovely card with the 'Linnet' bird on it, which I'm taking as a sign of good luck as I recently started a job with a company with the same name as the bird!  Zoe didn't know about that so we were both a bit surprised at how crazy this is, in a good way.

Do have a look in her shop for other butterfly necklaces as well as other lovely bits here.

Mel from 'My Postcard Heaven' recently sent me these lovely postcards/notecards.  Great for sending a quick note to a friend to let them know that you're thinking of them.  I love the colours used and the option to use an envelope if you wanted to.

One of my best friends from Uni, Louise Whitmore, knows exactly what to get me!  Moseley is a lovely little town just outside of Birmingham and they have an Arts Market (which I still need to visit!) selling local artists and crafters work.  She had her hands full trying to select a few bits to send to me - I know for a fact she umm-ed and ahh-ed over which soap to choose for quite some time!  Amongst the soap I had some bits by Sarah Ray who's work I love.

How adorable are these 'Lovely Pigeon' mugs?!  I had a lovely surprise getting these.  As you may know I frequent Twitter quite a lot.  There are often competitions flying around and I try to help advertise as much as I can for fellow illustrators.  Via Blog and Buy Sale, Lovely Pigeon was giving away this pair of pigeon couple mugs.  I'd seen them a few weeks before online and had admired how great this simple design works.

Then I got news that I had won them! AMAZING!  I am a massive fan of hot drinks in general, in particular tea :-) these will be perfect for when I move in with my friend Laura as I'm sure we'll be like a married couple soon enough!

Thank you everyone

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