Hello, I'm Charlotte and I'm the illustrator/designer/printmaker that is behind all you find here.

I'm from Amersham, BUCKS, but am now based in London.  However, due to a love of travel you'll often find me on various trips round the country/world visiting friends and exploring new places.

Creating bespoke watercolour illustrations for people, for themselves or as a gift is what I love to do.

I welcome feedback, ideas, commissions and collaborations from near and far.

Working in watercolours, I'm able to create one off illustrations which are bespoke to order but I can also create a range that is accessable to all.  My topic of choice is travel, namely drawing cities, buildings and street views is where I am most comfortable and happy.  This being said, once you've had a look around my blog, you'll see that I rarely say no and have thus illustrated dogs, people and gardens quite a bit too!

I graduated from Birmingham City University, formerly University of Central England, in 2009 in Visual Communications and specialised in Illustration with Print-Making.  Artist Books are another passion of mine and participating in the events that come along with this area of design.  I love books - to read and to appreciate.  I would class myself a 'Travel Illustrator' mainly due to the content of my illustrations being from somewhere other than 'home' and the fact that I enjoy traveling and am rarely in one spot for very long.

Want to say hello or ask about a commission?


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