Monday, 17 November 2008

Artist Book Project

These are my final drypoint prints for my Artist Books, there are 3 in the series and only 4 copies of each!  All of the prints are 8 cm x 8 cm apart from the little one on the back of the back page which is 4 cm x 4 cm.  They show my recordings of Toulouse, New York and Barcelona.  Not in a touristy way, they are not full of images you would instantly recognise, but of little bits from a journey that you would fondly remember or would want to remember - a strange fruit, a pretty floor, the tallness of the buildings, the sign posts etc etc.

The books themselves are hand bound by myself using stab binding.
They are priced at £22 each or 3 for £50.

1 comment:

daddio said...

You've really captured the places you've visited, Char. I'd better buy some more frames....