Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Thank you Cards

Thank you cards with a little more personality.  I like to illustrate my thank-you cards with what i'm saying thank you for.  Especially with birthdays thank-you's (which are what these are for) as I often get a little money from Aunts and Grandparents and I think it's nice to show them what you bought with the money.  So these cards do just that, show you guys my new purchases!  Apart from the cafe scene ones, those just look pretty.  One is for my Granny though as I want to put her money towards a scanner but that doesn't make for a pretty illustration now does it?

This batch also has the type letter-pressed by myself, these were the only 'thank-you's' I did but I also letter-pressed some birthday and other cute cards.

Keep an eye out for the other designs cropping up!

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