Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mail Art for a YEAR!

The lovely Jessica Mack has been a very busy bunny over the last couple of months with this & that, what-not and life.  But, bless her.  If this is the outcome...I LOVE IT!  I am now the proud owner of a Jessica Mack ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION :-D, she's stocked me up with gift tags (just in time for Christmas present wrapping), a cute notebook + matching pen, a sweet origami bunny and a lovely christmas card.

I had begun to worry that something had gotten lost in the post so was really happy to come home to this package on friday evening after work.  It was a lovely end to my week and start to the weekend - my first weekend after a week at my new job :-D

Most of this I shall be keeping, using, treasuring...but the illustration, I feel deserves a home.  So, it has been framed up and is going under the tree for my sister...I can't give too many details incase she reads the post - I have two sisters so they will be mystified as to which one of them is getting it!  But I know she will love it and it won't be too far away for me to appreciate it still.

Thanks for reading,



laura manfre said...

The illustrations are so lovely!

charls said...

Aren't they just?! I've been ooo-ing and aww-ing over Jessicas work for a while :-)

thingsandstuff said...

What an amazing package and I think that's really lovely you're giving the illustration to one of your sisters....I hope they love it! :) x

Jessica Mack said...

Thank you for such a lovely post, and I hope your sister enjoys the illustration! :D

Lydia Vallance said...

I do!!! It's hanging proudly on my living room wall =D x