Saturday, 10 December 2011

Impossible at Rough Trade, Brick Lane

Last Thursday I supported my Cousin Tom of @Un_Frame at Rough Trade just off London's Brick Lane, where himself and Gina were talking with passers by, shoppers and polaroid fanatics alike about the Impossible Project and it's lovely lovely quality that you just can't get with digital cameras.  The Impossible project is all about using polaroid cameras, and one of Tom's loves is using a different film than that intended in a particular camera, or of using old, out of date film.  By doing this, he adds to the unpredictability of the final photo.  Which I quite like as well.  Here are the polaroids I walked away with:  

If you'd like to see/read/hear more about what Tom does you can have a look-see at his blog HERE.  When ever I am with Tom I'm lucky that he randomly takes lovely photos of whats going on, whether it's me at work or whats been going around me.  Do have a look on his facebook page HERE for some more photo updates :-)  Here is a polaroid that he took of me at The Manchester Book Fair this year:

Thank you for reading, are you a fan of polaroid?

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