Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Exhibition - Artist of the month

Artist of the month

So YAY!  My first solo exhibition.  I'm pretty proud of it all.   The cafe where I used to work has been having an 'Artist of the Month' feature since about September last year.  It was a huge hit and success with artists and locals a like!  It's a great feature of the cafe now, a new artist, or group of artists, every month.  Works from all disciplines are welcome, from watercolours and oils to printmaking and photographs.  

So I have March all for myself!  After enjoying all of the previous work that has been up, I'm excited that my turn has come around.  I managed to get a bit of branding together for myself with some bright stickers and my globe illustration so everything tied together nicely.  I have a range of illustrations available.  From silkscreen and drypoint prints to watercolour illustrations, digital prints and books to pocket mirrors and magnets - there is something for every budget!

The space in the cafe is ideal for displaying artwork.  As you can see its a gorgeous light space, with a whole wall of windows, a roof that lets in even more light and a lovely long wall for all the work!  My work varies quite a bit, but in between wall lights I was able to group pieces together in sections, as it were, and it's worked so well.

There were drinks and nibbles and tea and cake available.  Lovely cupcakes on vintage tiered cake stands were scattered about on the tables along with information flyers and table talkers.  I invested in a couple of stands to display my prints and silkscreen books on.  Being the busy bee that i am, I painted a special 'Rowan flower' piece in watercolour for the exhibition which along with the 'Love Heart' design from the sweetie range, I had put on to pocket mirrors.  These were a huge success and will soon also be available in my Etsy shop for those of you who are not so local and can't make it to the exhibition.

I had a lovely preview evening, thank you to all who came!  The cafe is just so gorgeous when it gets dark.  There are fairy lights on the outside, and those, along with cute table lights and soft wall's just a bit magical.

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