Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Diamond Jubilee comes to Old Amersham

You may remember that last year I designed a lovely 'British' themed flyer for Old Amersham's Royal Wedding street party celebrations.  You can see the designs here and here.  I was so chuffed with the finished design and so was Old Amersham as they've come to me again this year to design the Diamond Jubilee street party flyers!  I'm so touched to be asked again, I really enjoy being able to design for my local town.  

This year, as you can hopefully see, the theme has gone towards '1950's Britain' in keeping with the Queens Coronation 60 years ago.  This was a nice challenge as I've never had such a task!  I enjoyed being able to illustrate from original photos from the day and researching into colours and fonts.

The only specifications for this flyer was the layout - how it's set up as a folded flyer rather than a flat 'A' size, and for it to be in keeping with 1950's design.  I'd love to hear your feedback on this.  I'm rather proud of the background colour myself, I think it was the icing on the cake for these flyers!


Last weekend I took a lovely walk down to Old Amersham and was greeted by this great banner put together by Manor Signs with my illustrations on it!  It looked so lovely, the sun was shining and there was the plant market in the market square - perfect.

Are you local to Old Amersham?  Come and say hello if you make it on the day!


Alex said...

Oh, Charlotte! These are BEAUTIFUL! What an honor to be asked for the second year running! Obviously, the honor is earned. Congratulations- you are the BEST! xoxo

Sarah Ryan said...

It looks great, and that banner is AWESOME! They played lots of the Jubilee on tv in the states; it must have been very exciting.

charls said...

Thanks Sarah and Alex! It was all very exciting and lovely - I enjoyed it a lot!