Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's nearly the 7th Manchester Artist's Book Fair!

Not long to go now - YIKES I best get on with making books so I have something to sell!  Every year I think I should of had time to get up to Manchester so I could screen print a 'Manchester' book.  Yet again, I have not!  However, I will hopefully have one ready of York which is at least in the right direction eh?

Oh and also Lisbon, which is a newbie and an old favourite, my '(Delft) Blue' Amsterdam book will be available too.  I will also have some pocket mirrors, screen prints, limited edition prints of watercolour illustrations and a few cards too.

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☆Sumi☆ said...

Awesome, have you sold here before? I've been to the last two of them so maybe I've seen you! Unfortunately I'll be in Brum for this one :(