Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Untapped Cities

A very exciting announcement!

I have started illustrating for Untapped Cities (WOOHOO!), you'll be able to see new work from me every two weeks on their site under '(Art)chitecture' which will be my column.  I'll share a new building illustration and write a few words to go with it each time.  Go straight to my column here.

It gets better -

Untapped Cities has just opened a shop!  You'll be able to buy prints of my illustrations in their 'Society6' shop and other works which will also be for sale in their 'Etsy' shop too.

Marvellous no?

pssst... You'll also find work by The Downtown Doodler on Untapped Cities who I recently did a collaboration with :-) You can read about that here.


Jennifer Johansson said...

Congratulations Charlotte! Wishing you all sorts of success.

charls said...

Thank you so much Jennifer!