Thursday, 6 September 2012

Drum roll please...!


Thank you all for your entries, your RT's (re-tweets) on Twitter, the shout outs, passing it on, spreading the word...etc etc etc.  I really appreciate it.  My little online shop has been a bit 'bish bash bosh' since I first opened it, and to be honest I've found it hard to get people to let me know what they think.

Therefore, I have loved reading your valid points you've shared with me and look forward to putting it all into action.  Thankfully a lot of the points boil down to the same thing,.  Otherwise I would have 15+ different areas to work on within one little shop and that may of broken me (I would of got there eventually of course!) but two main issues, is what I've summed up and that's great.

I am proud to announce the winners - woohoo!

The grand winner is Jodi of Art by Wiley.

My lovely runner up's are Juliet of 'The Crafty Green Poet', Audra of 'Audra James' and Jasmin of 'A Couple of Photos'.

I'll be working closely with Jodi to complete the illustration she wants and the runners up will be sent goodie bags in the post this week.  One of which will contain a lovely necklace by Naida Crystal.

I was going to share with you all what I put in the goody bags but got so excited with my new packaging that I completely forgot to take photos - drat! 


Crafty Green Poet said...

Just received my goodie bag! Thanks so much!

Funny what you said about wanting to share what you put in the goodie bags but being too excited about your packaging! Well I should have been less speedy about opening the parcel and have taken photos of the packaging, as it was so nice too!

acoupleofphotos said...

Received our goodie bag as well :)

We are blown away! Thanks a lot Charlotte!!!!
We took some pictures as well to share :)

Saturday Surprise

Art by Wiley said...

Yay, thank you! I am so excited!!!