Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rosie Williams Day

Following on from the Christening commission I did the other week, I was asked by the same client to design a flyer for 'Rosie Williams Day' in aid of 'Ovarian Cancer Research'.  A day to honour her recently passed Mum and to help further support Cancer Research.

They have a beautiful poem, (said by Audrey Hepburn and also read at her funeral!) 'Beauty Tips' and wanted me to illustrate it in a similar fashion to the Christening piece.  Handwritten text supported by my illustration.  For the text, I've opted for a more script-like, free-flowing handwriting.

My first thought was to illustrate the poem literally, but there are just too many body parts going on, and there being a photo on the reverse, we thought that a face would be too much.  I then went to focus on hands, or perhaps a nice border.  We wanted it to be prettier!  Rosie, often Rose, loved the Wild Irish Rose, and it really seemed to fit.  A flower is such a thing of beauty, and this nice subtle link made it the perfect image for the illustration.

I then used the same illustration on the reverse, with a picture of Rosie and all the details.  If this inspires you, all donations are welcome!

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