Saturday, 22 December 2012

A travel commission

I can finally share this with you! HURRAH!

My latest client commission has been an amazing piece to work on.  Back in 2009 I went travelling with my sister for a year, and if you look far enough back on this blog, I'm sure there are a few posts on it too!  Before, during and since I went travelling many others have done so as well.  One of which was a friend of a friend who went with her boyfriend and did a similar trip to myself.  As a birthday present for him, she commissioned me to illustrate 16 of their top destinations / experiences.  Amazing no?

Going left to right on each row:

1.  Christ Redeemer
2.  Iguassu Falls
3.  Maccu Picchu
4.  Salt Flats
5.  Bunji Jumping New Zealand
6.  Sky Diving and Pancake Rocks
7.  Patronus Towers
8.  Sydney Harber
9.  Angkor Thom
10.  Federation Square, Melbourne
11.  Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
12.  Lanterns in Hoi Ann, Vietnam
13.  Hong Kong Skyline
14.  Terracotta Army
15.  The Great Wall of China
16.  Tori Red Gates

I absolutely loved working on this, although it has given me seriously itchy feet to jet off to a beach somewhere lovely and exotic.  I'll have to resist for now, and enjoy these pieces instead.

Have you been to any of these amazing places?

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