Sunday, 3 March 2013

Travel Bunnies

I had the absolute pleasure of painting this commission for a gift from a friend to her sister as a little gift to wish her well on her travels round Thailand.  When younger, the sister had a toy bunny and upon seeing my bunny doodles for the Brown Paper Bunny (aka Jessica Mack) she was inspired to ask me to do a special one.

Are you off on travels?  Or have you been to Thailand?  Share a little story in the comments!

I went to Thailand for a month in 2009.  I had intended on seeing a temple made of beer bottles - recycling to the extreme!  Only I never quite found it, no one knew what I was talking about.  Next time I shall do more research before I go :-) I enjoyed a very relaxed lifestyle and enjoyed the Thai food, even did a cookery lesson.

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Wake up the Land said...

Such a lovely illustration, it's ace to be able to design a gift for somebody!