Sunday, 8 September 2013

Personalised stationary

Front and reverse shown with brown envelope.

One of my lovely clients recently asked me for some personalised stationary.  She was moving house and wanted something she could use as a 'new address' card but also for general note cards.  As I'd recently printed my lavender print fabric, and my brief was 'olive tree', I tried my hand at another screen printed pattern of olive branches.  I then digitally printed on her name and address across the top of the reverse of the cards.  (You can see in the example where I have used my own contact details).

Rather than design a single greeting card/postcard I put together a pattern for bigger sheets and then cut the cards down to the required size.  Because of this not each card is the same, there are variations thanks to where the pattern falls within the cut of each card - each card is quite individual, and over the 50 she ordered, there were quite a few different crops on the pattern.

All boxed up and ready to send.  
These boxes are great for postage and for the client to keep the cards in.


Esther Lankhaar said...

Lovely designed stationary Charlotte. I wonder where you get those boxes, or do you make them yourself?

Charlotte Vallance said...

Thank you Esther!

I got them from EBay, they're just plain white and fit A6 size cards.