Monday, 26 January 2015

Personalised rugby shirt illustration

I love it when someone looks through my shop, doesn't see what they're after, and messages me with their idea and the lovely question of  'is this possible?'

This request came completely out of the blue, as I've only ever done one illustration of a rugby shirt, and it's on a Father's Day card.  But, could I illustrate the back of a thick stripe, white and navy blue rugby shirt with the text '5' (in orange) and 'Finn' underneath?  Of course I can, and I'd be happy to!

I've been lucky so far, my customers are very understanding with distance and the time it takes to ship/post an item as well as for me to actually illustrate it.  If we keep things small, everything is more manageable!

Personalised pieces like this start from just £35.

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