Friday, 29 January 2016

Water-Colour Travel Kit

This is one of my favourite products :)  I'm still testing the water with them and learning as I go along, but the last 2 years have gone down really well so now I'm streamlining the process and hopefully having more available for you guys.

2014 watercolour kits

Initially I made the cases out of fabric I had screen printed with a bike print pattern.  This bag was my first attempt, it was unlined but sturdy, and housed the paints, jar, watercolour postcards and mechanical pencil.

2015 watercolour kits

Last year, they had the same contents, but the material was digitally printed (with a pattern made up of a silkscreen print I'd done) and this time was lined.  HURRAH!  Finally, it is reflecting the amount of time and effort that goes into it.

This year, I'm planning on designing a new pattern/design, continuing to have them lined but I will rethink the shape.  Last year was a struggle with the lining (we won the struggle and they turned out great BTW), so this year I'm going to take the time to master some more sewing conundrums.

You can follow my hashtag on Instagram and Twitter #watercolourtravelkit and see the postcards I paint while I'm out and about or on holiday.  If you have a kit, then use the hashtag to share with me what you've been painting on your travels.

All of last years kits are sold but there are a couple of cases left, in different sizes, if you wanted to snap up something with this fab fabric!

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