Saturday, 6 December 2008

Silk Screen Printing in Uni

After being in London and doing the workshop there I wanted to get on with some actual printing!  So i developed an image from some photos of buildings that I'd taken in London and got introduced to the textiles print rooms at uni!  I managed to get done in one day more than I've done in London so far, so I'll definately be going back to develop my prints even further.  I also experimented with printing onto both material and paper, I plan on experimenting a lot more with material and how I can present it.  I used green and grey to print in rather than just black and think it worked with a pale grey paper and a cream paper.

This shows the layout of my screen - for next time i now know that i should of spread the two layers out a bit more!

The two halves didn't meet up particularly well-another point i need to work on for next time! But I like how the print worked on the fabric, it was much better than I was expecting!

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