Saturday, 6 December 2008

Silk Screen Printing in London

My new obsession is silk screen printing, it's always intrigued me but I've never got round to getting images ready and actually doing it!  So when I found out about the Free Form workshop specialising in silk screen held in London I was excited to get started!  The course is 4 weeks long, every wednesday at the East London Print Makers.  Im half way through at the moment so I have designed my screen and had an introduction to the print studios and prepared my screen - the printing starts next week!  
The theme for our designs is basically yourself, your personal image, something that shows who you are.  I wanted to put across that I am quite a creative person, but other than that I just wanted a nice design!  I've been holding onto a piece of patterned paper for a while now and this turned out to be the ideal outing for it!


This is mine and my sisters designs in the beginning stages.  She's a very musical person, so her design is along that path. Mine is more random, I have my fancy pattern and then a cameo style brooch shape with a little pic of me in the middle - to make it personal!


We were shown how to wash the screen, coat it and expose the image photographically on it.

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