Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Drypoint on Envelopes

I thought I would try something a little different now.  I like to use tissue paper in my prints to add colour but sometimes the tissue doesn't stick very well to the paper and comes off.  This gave me the idea that I don't HAVE to print onto watercolour paper ( which is the paper normally used as standard) but onto maybe a piece of tissue paper itself.  I did try it onto tissue paper but I found it dodn't work on such a large image, so then I thought of these envelopes, which I am planning to use for an artist book (really small dinner money envelopes), and I think they have worked really well!  Some came out quite grainy, but I think this works as well, just gives them an older look to them.


Nats said...

I really, reallly like these :)
Nice idea!
...and yes, they do give off the 'old' look, like an old newspaper or something.

Are you doing anything with them?

charls said...

Thank you!
Yes I was planning on using them for an artists' book, but also possibly as a form of business card for professional practice!
I'm trying to think of other unusual papers to print on to so if you think of anything let me know!

Nats said...
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Nats said...
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Nats said...

m'ahhhhh, why have i posted so many of the same comment?!?! Sorry, LOL!!

Ooh, like the idea of it being used for business card, bit different :)

I'm becoming obsessed with brown paper recently, I've bought a big roll, and just using it for everything!
Yes, if i think of any other papers, i shall let you know :)

charls said...

I know, i love brown paper too!