Monday, 16 February 2009

Designing Doilies

I found out that I can get things laser cut at uni and so i got some doilies cut out on watercolour paper so that i can use them in my artist books and for drypoint prints.

I then thought that if i am going to use these doilies in my work they should be my own designs, so I designed these two on the subject of travel.


Naida Crystal said...

Pretty Pretty!!!xxx

Nats said...

ooh, i want to do some laser cutting!!
Where can the cutter be found?
Do you have to put your designs through CorelDraw first? xx

Anonymous said...

i like the plane one =)
love yid xxxx

Anonymous said...

its in the woodwork go down the stairs towards textiles way and wonder around until someone asks if your lost...heehee. i was told to save the image as an illustrator eps file, but yes they do put it through coreldraw to print it! and the lines have to be uber thin, 0.05 pt

Jox said...

wow, very inspiring! we also have a laser cut machine at brain is now sworling with ideas