Saturday, 16 July 2011

Floral Chair Series

These chairs are inspired by the new Cafe I've helped open with Seasons.  It's Seasons cafe @ Rowan, Rowan is a lovely Garden Centre which you can find @  We had to re-upholster most of the chairs as although saved from a pub which was refurbishing, needed a fair amount of work on them, and they turned out pretty well to the three of us that worked on them having never upholstered before!  All the chairs are different, theres no more than 4 of the same, which adds to the quirky feel of the Cafe.  The fabric was such a find!  I sent Andrea off with instructions to find a fabric that possibly matched our new logo (which I designed) and low and behold she found one spot on, the right flower and the right colours.  These watercolours of the chairs will be up on the wall, giving it a more friendly feel for our customers.

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Tom Wright said...

I love these images charlotte! i know this is kind of off topic but i love your framing on all your images! do you do them yourself?