Friday, 23 September 2011

(Delft) Blue

My Aunt suggested that i get in touch with some friends of hers who frequent the Artists Book Fair scene when I saw her before the summer, as for the (then) upcoming London Fair at The Whitechapel Gallery they had a table and a theme of 'blue' that they were inviting other artists to participate in.

I thought, why not?  And got in touch with Sophie Loss, who was lovely and said they would be pleased to have my work on their table.  The group is known as AMBruno and consist of a group of friends who all have film influences and beautiful books!

I took the theme of 'blue and came up with '(Delft) Blue'.  I seem to be spending a lot of time recently in Amsterdam, due to my boyfriend living there, and to be honest I'm not complaining!  It's a lovely city, and we always have fun when we go out, whether its with friends for drinks or during the day to galleries and sight seeing.  I have wanted to illustrate Amsterdam for a while, for those very reasons, and decided that for 'blue' I could happily illustrate in my fine line style but use a blue pen rather than my usual black.  I then felt that maybe I should give the blue more depth, and I thought of watercolours (see above image - this was also used in the leaflet AMBruno put together for the table), but then the opportunity to silk screen came my way and I thought that the 'blue' book could be done this way with shades of blues.

Now, I haven't silk screened since university.  Thats a good 2 years.  Neither had Charlie - the girl I was going to be silk screening with.  Between the two of us we figured it out and were so happy with the results!  Now for some photos showing the process from sketch to finished lovely book.

'(Delft) Blue', along with 12 other 'blue' themed books are on show/exhibition/for sale at the London Art Book Fair THIS weekend Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September at The Whitechapel Gallery. If you can get there, I would recommend it.  The preview night last night was packed, and I have heard only good things from fellow Artists Book-er Louise Atkinson about the fair today.

Deciding on a layout, type of fold (inspired by Rachel Hazell)

Making the bike badges that will be tucked in the hidden pocket of the book.  I used 'shrinkles' a lot of work as I had thought I could print from the computer onto the sheets, but I couldn't so each is lovingly hand drawn!

 The negatives for the screen on top on one another.  I had 2 colours, therefore 2 negatives.  I quite like how they look in black and grey.

First colour, peacock blue, fills mostly brick work on the buildings, some windows but no outline.

Second colour, navy blue, fills mostly outline detail as well as some brickwork, shutters and windows.

Prints everywhere!

 The lovely, little origami boats that I made out of copies of a vintage map of Amsterdam.  These also come tucked in the secret pocket of the book.

Finally the front cover, I kept it simple with only text and no imagery.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how this little book turned out.  Folded it measures just under A6, and unfolded it concertinas out to be nearly as long an A3 width.


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