Saturday, 17 September 2011

One Year Wedding Anniversary Bespoke Illustration

Yesterday was the One Year Wedding Anniversary for Andrea & Cassie.  Andrea commissioned me to illustrate their wedding day for Cassie for their Anniversary as One Year is 'Paper'.  What a lovely idea and a great brief.  The colours are 'their' colours that they had at their wedding, along with the flowers and the cake of cheese.  The butterflies, birds and shoes were personal touches present at the wedding also.  

Andrea wanted 'a big mish-mash' of everything at the wedding, which had me a little skeptical at first because I normally work quite neat and tidy.  After doing my research with her wedding photos I landed on the idea of a big bouquet of flowers with everything intertwined into it.  

I'm really pleased with the outcome, it was a challenge and the finished piece is just a bit smaller than an A1 size, on lovely watercolour paper, with fine detail added in with a fine liner.

Most importantly Andrea loved it, and so did Cassie!

The Final Piece

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