Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Post for Year - month two

YAY! My second instalment (shall we say?) of post/mail for a year from the lovely Jessica Mack aka Brown Paper Bunny who I was introduced to through Twitter.  You can find her on there at @BrownPaperBunny.

The lovely card is by Sara Lynn, and there was a secret on paper that melts when you put it in water - what a great idea!  A little bunch of doggy post-its and an awesome Platypus stamp (as well as one of the National Library of Canberra) :-) I seem to of picked up a love of Platypus' from my boyfriend.  Unfortunately we didn't actually get to see one when we were in Australia, maybe next time eh?

You can see what I replied to Jessica's post last month on her blog here.

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Milan said...

Love the image of the girl with the mug, really delicate and quiet piece