Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Illustrated Postcards take 2

I've just got back from a little/massive road trip with my boyfriend across Europe.  We camped, we went through 6 countries in total (Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia & Italy), we took a pedalo out on a gorgeous lake, we found that there were a lot of old people everywhere we went (?!), we swam in the sea, we cooked over a little campfire thing, we slept on a blow-up mattress that only just fit in our tent and we had a really great time.

Here are the lucky three postcards that got made while I sat with a cold drink of ice tea by the beach in Croatia while the boyfriend sat with a cold beer and got stuck into his book!

2 part spread of the view of houses and buildings in Croatia.  I actually have done a similar illustration about 4 years ago when I was in Dubrovnik with a friend travelling, I'm pleased to say that I have definitely progressed with my style since then!

On the campsite in Croatia we were literally the only ones in a tent.  Not only that, but our tent was tiny!  Literally only for two people to sleep in, and everyone else had these massive campers/caravans that then had tents coming off them as well....wowsers!  Made us feel quite small in the camping jungle.

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Jessica Mack said...

These are really wonderful. The two-part one is particularly amazing!