Saturday, 10 December 2011

A little something for you!

Hello All!

So since joining Twitter, Facebook and having a Blog, I have entered a fair few competitions, met loads of people (some in real life as well!), enjoyed supporting other illustrators and artists, and I am so grateful for the support that you also give me.

As a little thank you, and as it is the season for giving...for a lucky participant I shall put together a little package of goodies for you to get through the post.  If you have any special requirements then you can let me know but ultimately it will be a surprise!  And yes, I shall post to ANYWHERE!

In order to be chosen you need to leave a comment on this blog post, or tweet to me ( @charlsvallance ) which of the following books is your favourite, and tell me why, as well as why you would like to win!  I shall choose the winner the old fashioned way by putting everyones names in a hat and selecting one :-)

Row of Houses

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

(Delft) Blue

Birds, Boats & Buildings


Statues of Europe

You have until Sunday 18th December 12noon :-)

Thank you everyone!


Aggressive Rhubarb said...

Oh, don't you just hate going first?
Everything you're doing here is beautiful, but at a push my favourite would be buildings. Always been fascinated by buildings and I love your style, the design is gorgeous and I'm a sucker for a blue cover!
Why would I want to win? Come on, look at what you're doing here - if you're putting together a package, why would I NOT want to win?!?

Stuart Tonge said...

(delft) Blue, because in my head I'm there drinking in a caffe and reading the local news rag.

Laura said...

I love, LOVE the "Row of houses", it is awesome! It reminds me of the house I lived in for a few weeks while I was in London on holiday! <3
Also, it will look great in my new studio. :)

SaylorMade said...

My favourite is (Delft) Blue. My husband and I spent our delayed honeymoon trip in Europe visiting several cities in Belgium and Holland. One of my favourite day trips was to Delft to tour their pottery factory and watch the artists paint.

jess said...

Hmm, google did not like my first post. So I pick the AMAZING FOLDING BOOK! I love it to pieces and even have dreams bout it.. :)

Old Fashioned Susie said...

OOoh Row of houses- because it reminds me of where I grew up! And I'd love to win because you are clearly a very talented lady and destined for great things... And I want a little piece of it please!

Olly Jay said...

I like buildings. Looks like a set from a childrens programme I remember. Hmmm was it called mr ben?

Katriona said...

I've only just discovered your work - your books are amazing! I would LOVE to win 'Delft Blue' because I lived in Amsterdam for a year and a half, and fell completely in love with those buildings. A beautiful book! :)

McAnjuli said...

I think they are all brilliant, but i'm going to break with popular opinion and say wake up and smell the coffee. I always think your drawing style is very charming, but in this one because of the tonal quality of the drypoint, it becomes a little dark and sinister.It leads my mind to think of a dark, suspicious coffee shop in the back alleys of London or Paris. Well, at least thats what I think! In any case I really love it and its enchanting to look at! x

laura manfre said...

The Row of Houses is my favorite!
I love the lines, the colors... Everything!

Thanks for such a great opportunity!

charls said...

Thank you everyone so much for your participation in my FIRST competition! It really is so great of you all to take the time to enter and give me a little feedback on my books, very much appreciated. One happy Charlotte here.

An even happier (I hope) Laura Bertinelli - winning lady! Well done! Be sure to get your address to me, either via email or twitter is fine. And I shall put together a little illustration/book/art related package to pop in the post for you.

Please do make sure you follow my blog or twitter if you don't already. Feel free to drop little comments now and then if you can. And as a thank you, I'll be doing another competition in the new year.

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!


Laura said...

I'd like to write a HUGE thank you also here on your blog (even if we already talked on twitter).
Can't wait to receive the packet! <3 <3

Patent Attorney said...

You're so generous, I'm sad I missed this! The package looks awesome.