Monday, 20 February 2012

Artist of the Month of March

Artist of the Month of March at Seasons Cafe @ Rowan

I'm so happy to tell you all about my upcoming exhibition (My first ever proper one don't you know!) which takes place for the whole of March and is situated in the lovely Seasons Cafe @ Rowan.  

They feature a different artist every month, and take on work of all disciplines ranging from illustration to fine art to photography and all thats in between.  This provides a great rotation of gorgeous work for all who work at and visit the Cafe and the Garden Centre that it's located in.

I'll be showing original illustrations in watercolour, silkscreen print and drypoint print.  These will be available to purchase along with digital copies, cards and a few other bits and bobs.

I'll be having a preview evening for those of you who are local and are able to get to Chalfont St. Giles by 5pm on a Friday!  There will be drinks & nibbles or tea & cake, depending on what takes your fancy, from 5-7pm on Friday 2nd March.  Come along for a chat, ask any questions you may have, and enjoy a nice look at my illustration up close.

Hopefully the evening will be nice and clear as it's staying lighter and lighter in the evening already and there are great views across the fields from the cafe.

You will need a car to get there.  If you are visiting on a weekend, give me a shout and I'll join you for a cup of tea!  If you're visiting from afar (maybe via train?) Then hopefully I can give you a lift as well! Otherwise the closest train station is Chalfont and Latimer on the Metropolitan Line, which you can get a taxi from for not too much.

I've been busy working on these lovely stickers for promoting this exhibition.  I opted to create a sticker that could be used on the already existing A6 postcards from the Cafe as then visitors can view the map!  I'm very excited about distributing my 'QR-code' stickers :-) which when scanned will bring you straight here (to my blog) where you can see all I've been up to.  A few have been sent out to friends over seas, so keep an eye out for photos of them in random places!

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