Sunday, 19 February 2012

They Draw and Travel - Map no.2

London Town

The lovely Nate and Salli launched a competition for the prettiest map on their 'They Draw and Travel'  website/project called 'You-topia'.  Last year I illustrated a map of Fiji for them, which I loved doing so much - you can read about that here.  So when I read about this contest, it spurred me on to do another map for them!  I chose London, as it's my closest city.  I've recently started working there, and I just love it!  This map is full of a few of my favourite things to do during the day in London.  There was no way I could fit everything in and for people to appreciate it all as well!  

Hopefully there will be more time this year to do more maps.

Materials: Watercolour paints, black fine liner, digital text.

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