Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

The Diamond Jubilee in Old Amersham

Old Amersham community came out with such a positive attitude against the wet, wet, wet, weather we got - it kept us going!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of the rest of the street party, but that gives me a great excuse to send you to Amersham People's website here and local photographer Adel Hanna's page here for you to see some lovely shots of the day that I would not of been able to do justice with my little camera.

Myself and friend Alex in our 50's finest!

Tea & Cake with the Queen

Free diamond badges for everyone!

If you'd like a diamond badge for yourself, I have a few left so let me know :-)

To see more photos please also have a look on my Flickr page here.

How was your Jubilee weekend?  Did you join in with festivities or get away on the long weekend?


Bad Jones Rising said...

Well, what a delightful surprise. I love when twitter FFs have great blogs!

I really love the idea of putting little pins inside of a teacup! What a joy. Great idea lady.

I am off to read more...(ps, I am a mail swapper and I would love to have something from you, including a little badge!) I have been known to send some pretty cool collages via post. Take care. <3

Anna said...

How cute! I love in New Zealand but i have loved seeing all the posts about the queen! That cupcake is so cute, its making me hungry!