Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Homemade London

In June my sister celebrated her 23rd birthday, and rather than buy her anything (she is an experienced shopper so it's hard...) I wanted us to do something together, as we often meet up after work for a drink but it's rare that we'll get a whole evening or day together doing something special.

I actually gave her 3 choices of activity as I couldn't decide myself!

She opted for doing a jewellery workshop at 'Homemade London' with the lovely Nicola.  So I booked us in and we attended our workshop!  It was so lovely!  A great little studio (which actually has a lot of space downstairs for larger parties) we were greeted with a glass of wine and encouraged (it didn't take much) to enjoy some lemon cake and strawberries - delish!

There was a group of about 8 of us and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere which soon turned quiet with concentration!  In the 2 hour workshop, we learnt the basics and the tools we would need and where to get them to start up making jewellery at home ourselves.  Turns out you can start up making your own jewellery at home for £5 start up costs or there abouts, which is great.  Much more affordable than I thought it would be.

First off, we learnt how to open and close the little fastenings that we would be using to attach charms etc onto a chain.  We then learnt how to coil a wire, which can also bee used when attaching charms such as pearls and beads.  After mastering these we were off!  Both of us opted for the rose gold chain and go about selecting charms that we would like on our necklaces.

Lydia had a lovely collection of charms that gave a great impact when all put together and I opted to make a big tassel and added a few pearls and leaf charms up the chain.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that I think we ran about half an hour late!  And we've both been wearing our creations to show them off and have had great feedback, which makes us very happy girls.

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