Monday, 30 July 2012

Illustration Collaboration

The above photo pretty much sums up this collaboration.  Myself and Bernadette Moke aka the Downtown Doodler, both have online shops/stores.  We are also both quite new to the selling our work to actual lovely customers.  Therefore we have spent quite a bit of time sending back and forth emails full of tips and suggestions for each other.  It's been amazing having someone who you know will tell you whats what and offer you their two cents when they know you want it.

From this came the idea of our collaboration.  We both wanted little thank-you cards to include in orders that we send out to say thank you to our customers.  I love Bernadette's style and she loves mine, it seemed natural that we do something for each other.

The rules to this collaboration were:
  • One sided illustration
  • A6/Postcard size
  • Include an inspirational quote
The idea was that we would design a card for each other that we could send out with a little note on it - a thank you card/compliment slip type thing!

What actually happened was amazing.  We both got really inspired and actually did FOUR designs for each other.  We hadn't specified a number of designs but it seemed an unspoken thing that one design would of been perfectly lovely.

Check out Bernadette's work

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These are the four beautiful designs that Bernadette illustrated for me, amazing no?

If you'd like to see the designs I did for her, then please keep an eye on her blog as she'll be posting them on there soon!

Thank you

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