Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Give Away

Thats right, you heard me correctly!

I am giving you the chance to win an illustration by me commissioned by yourself.  An A4 illustration of your choice, a complete one of a kind illustration specially for you.  I will use watercolours and add fine line detail, which is the style I tend to opt for when illustrating.  I'll allow a border of paper round the edge to make framing easier.

Some examples of past commissions I've done

In order to enter, I'm asking that you visit my Etsy shop and give me some feedback.  Now.  This doesn't mean that you have to buy something, (although that would be nice if you are tempted).  It means that, I have recently added new products, experimented with the photography and altered my postage costs and therefore would love to hear what you, my lovely customers / fellow illustrators / crafty folk / friends / family, think of it all.

Ideas for you customisable illustration:

  • Home / House
  • Favourite city
  • Garden
  • Invitation
  • Favourite cafe/shop
  • Sweets / Chocolate
  • Logo
  • Favourite plant
  • Pet
  • A trinket
  • Favourite shoes / bag
  • Or you might just like to tell me a few things that you like and see what I come up with!

Please follow this link:

And either leave your thoughts in a comment below here, email me, send a message via Etsy (there is a link to 'contact me' on my page) and of course let me know how you would like to be contacted if you won!

I'd love to hear what you think of my photos, the postage costs and the actual items for sale.  If you think something needs improving, let me know!

After all the entries have been placed in a hat I shall select one lucky winner and three runners up.  If you are a runner up, I'll be sending you a little goody bag :-) ppppst I've just had confirmation of a piece of Naida Crystal Jewellery to be in the runner up can see her work here:

So a total of 4 prizes to be won, you have just under 3 weeks to enter and closing date is the 22nd August at 8pm (UK time).

Most importantly, anyone can enter!

Good luck



thingsandstuff said...

I'm already a big fan of what you do so maybe I'm a bit too biased to comment? :) Either way I think your prices are very reasonable for the amount of work you put into each piece, you have a great selection of images and ideas, I love the fact that your commissions can be for such a range of subjects!
Anyway, I'll shut up now :) I'm going to go tweet about your competition cos more people need to know about it :)
Jules x

☆Sumi☆ said...

Beautiful shop!! If anything, I'd just like to see more. Love your city illustrations and silk screen prints most of all! Oh and I think 'Sweet stuff' would make a great valentines card :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'd agree with Sumi - add more items! Your work is lovely and beautifully photographed.

hello DODO said...

You are so talented! :D

Your shop looks fantastic, I haven't been able to get that massive Amsterdam screenprint out of mind after first seeing it on instagram!

I just think you need to keep working, keep adding amazing items to populate your shop. Each item you add will be a new doorway in to your shop for people!

Also, why not list some of your commissioned pieces that you've shown here as examples and offer a commission service through Etsy? Just a thought!

Keep up the great work :D

Daria Hlazatova said...

how lovely! I hope I can enter (I am from Ukraine) Anyway, I love your work and have been following it for a while and I think the only thing you need in your shop is to sell more things, especially prints! I really like the London postcard and I think it would be a great idea to make a set of cards based on different cities, or building.. Anyway, just an idea! Apart from that, I think it's perfect! good luck to everyone (me included :)

Jurassic Panda said...


I love your shop everything is sooo cute! I would like to see more of your city drawings I love the London one on the postcard and your old Amsterdam screen print! Your union jack screen print should be at least £15 if you ask me! and also I presume its A4? Your mini burger painting is awesome, but I think you should charge more for that as well especially because its framed!! I love those mini paintings, so cool, deffos do more of those they look wicked in a group.

I love the photographs, everything is so beautifully shot. If you haven't already I would try and get your London Postcards in some nice little boutique shops and do some more cities as postcards too.

Alsoooo you should totally screen print some wrapping paper, your houses would look awesome on that, do some in boy colours and then I can get some ready for my boyfriends birthday in January! It would be right up his street (excuse the pun!)xxx

Jurassic Panda said...

Old Amersham sorry!

charls said...

Thank you so much everyone so far! I'm taking all of your great feedback on board, and have planned some changes for after the give away already.

I really love hearing what you think of my shop, if you'd like feedback on yours too then please leave a link!

Nicola Rowlands said...

The Amersham prints are ace - you could maybe do them as tea towels? x

cLare_beaR_ said...

i love your shop and i think it looks great. my fave item is the union jack silkscreen print!


Dzynmkr said...

The Amsterdam print is my personal favorite. All of your prices are surprisingly reasonable compared to the originality/quality of the work. Very nice work!

Jennifer Johansson said...

Hi Charlotte!

I am really loving the architectural series that you've been posting on your Instagram feed. I would love to see more architectural works in your etsy shop. Especially since your Etsy header features architecture.

I'd also like to see you feature close-ups as your lead picture (like pic #2 in this listing so that the viewer gets a feeling for the incredible detail in your work.


Audra James said...

Such beautiful work - particularly love the Amsterdam prints. The 'Sweet Stuff' reminds me of my childhood....