Saturday, 4 August 2012

Home Sweet Home

This piece marks the start of a new personal project of mine to do more illustrations of buildings.


It is so easy to get distracted with all the lovely commissions I get, that I get carried away and forget that I need to illustrate for me too or I'll have nothing to show for what I love.  I get a great sense of achievement being able to illustrate other peoples loves, bringing a smile to your face and maybe a chuckle if I've got it spot on.  But It's not always something that can be shared with everyone.  Therefore, I have given myself this project to design and illustrate a range that is focused on what I love.  Buildings.  Cities.  Architecture.  Houses.


Bad Jones Rising said...

Those are all my favorite things! I love the color scheme here too. Are you going to limit your colors too?

charls said...

Thank you! Aw yay! No I won't be limiting the colours, but this is something I will have to think about if I translate the illustrations into screen prints!