Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Inspired by my 'London Town' map I illustrated for 'They Draw and Travel' at the beginning of the year, I had a couple approach me with a commission to illustrate Twickenham for them.  This is the town where their son and daughter-in-law met I do believe!  The brief was to include both flats and pretty much all the quirky little bits in-between, that they love about the area.

First up, a day trip to Twickenham :-) I took my lovely boyfriend and we had a great day out.  I'd been supplied with a little tour almost, so that I wouldn't miss seeing particular bits, buildings and streets.  With this to hand we had plenty of stops for coffee, snacks, food, viewing points, etc.  I can't say I'd actually been before, so it was nice exploring the area, and part of the commission was for me to include those little bits that might otherwise be forgotten (but would be missed if not included)!

I then came home with initial sketches, photographs, cards and memories and started work on the rough draft.  Showing a rough draft often doesn't get us anywhere.  Luckily, my clients have a lot of faith in me and know that as long as I'm happy with how it's going, they know that they'll love it when it's coming together a bit more with colour and detail.

Once I have the initial sketch down on the paper (big, clean, white, lovely sheet) I find it a lot easier to get going, with more detail, then to add colour and finally to add finishing detail to bring out certain points for the viewer.



Handmade by Emily said...

Wonderful! What a lovely commission and a great way to capture a memory.

Charlotte Vallance said...

I love how people look at my work, like the style, then come up with an awesome idea that makes it personal and mean so much more!