Monday, 11 February 2013

A winning commission

A few months ago I did a big giveaway on here - thank you again to all who entered, you can read about the runner's up here.  Jodi of 'Art by Wiley' won the big prize of a custom illustration - YAY!

We started off with Jodi letting me know that she wanted the illustration to be of her house in Melbourne, Australia and was kind enough to take photos for me from all angles (having to take these myself would of been a bit pricey!).  I got going with my sketchy rough draft, following a few pointers from Jodi of key pieces that should be included.  I then got way-laid with commissions to do which you can see here and here - Jodi, you were so understanding, thank you!  And finally, I got on with painting and sharing my progress with Jodi.  This was one of the best kind of commissions that I get.  I absolutely love it when people want me to do a piece for them, they let me know what they would like it of, but other than that they are happy to see me interpret it as I like.

The Wiley's have 3 lovely chickens too which got pride of place in their garden.  This illustration arrived safely in Melbourne and is now happy in it's new home!

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Art by Wiley said...

Thank you so much, Charlotte, we absolutely love it!