Monday, 18 February 2013

Product Photography

Around September last year I started asking what you were thinking of my product photography in my Etsy shop.  That was just the beginning of my thoughts on developing ideas I had on the matter.  I knew that my photos weren't right, but wasn't 100% sure on what I wanted or how to make them right.

Well thank you for your patience!  I'm finally getting there :-D If you were to take a look around my little Etsy shop now, you'll see a more collective look throughout the shop and items.  I'm so chuffed!

I wasn't alone with this awesome step in the right direction.  I had help and tips from numerous lovely fellow illustrators, followers on Twitter and indeed here on the blog!  But also, from a few photographers.  I am lucky enough to have family and friends that can help me with tips for lighting and sets, layout etc.


One of these is Sam Revel.  I think we have genuinely met (via Twitter) through our love of Seasons Cafe Deli!  Sam has very kindly had a play with taking some photos of my 'Down Your street' screen printed books of Amsterdam and Old Amersham.  They are just gorgeous and I'm so happy with how he's really made the colours 'pop' on the prints.

You can follow Sam on Twitter @yoursamrevel and keep track of what he's been doing on his blog

The other is Tom Wright.  Tom is never without a camera, which is great as I have come out of every time I see him with photos of myself looking relaxed and happy that I am proud to use as my avatar for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and even in my Etsy shop!

Tom is on Twitter @Un_Frame and online on his blog and his website where you can find examples of his lovely photography.

The key points that I have learnt are:

  • If you can, take photos outside or at least near a window.
  • Try to use a background that you can photograph everything in front of.  Keep it constant, this in turn makes all of your products look like they belong with each other.
  • Make sure that you do have plenty of natural light - it's not so good if it's getting dark or really cloudy.
  • Get everything ready before you start taking photos.  I got my props ready and all of the items lined up.  I also worked on about 5 products at a time that were perhaps quite similar.  This way it's not a massive task all at once.

How are you with photography?


Sam Revel said...

Glad you liked them Charlotte :).

Jennifer Johansson said...

Just popped over to your etsy shop. Looking great Charlotte! I like the barn board backdrop.

Charlotte Vallance said...

Thank you Jennifer! :-) so nice of you to say!