Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Little Fox Market - take 3

I got back from my travels and the next weekend I was setting up in Rickmansworth for the Little Fox Market - straight back into it!  I'd been printing like crazy to get a good range of sizes and colours for my new babygrows - and they looked cute on the little hangers.

It's always nice to get everything out and have it all on display together, this market being no different and I even brought the big Amsterdam print with me too.  I love being able to have a chat with people selling as well as buying - theres always a nice atmosphere at this market!

New and old greeting card designs...even newer ones are still being worked on!

A new neighbour! Jane from 'The Little Lemon Bakery' was next to me this week - delicious fudge and chocolate pretzels - highly recommended!

And this was pretty much my view for the day...not too bad ay?

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