Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Wonderful World of Tulipop!

I had the absolute pleasure of being at the London launch of 'Tulipop', an Icelandic illustrated childrens brand dreamt up by friends Signy and Helga.  It was lovely speaking to the ladies about their brand and hearing about the characters, and of course to see all of the lovely merchandise.

Helga, (Miss Maddy), and Signy

Signy is the designer and illustrator and Helga in charge of marketing.  What a good team, they really spoke well of the brand and their journey with it.  I'm excited to see what comes next - hopefully some stories for the lovely characters!

Theres a nice range of characters and I was instantly drawn to Bubble, the 'gentle boy' of the group.  Mr Tree is available as a lamp, and they have an adorable ceramic money box which would look awesome out on display in any home.

Here's little Romilly enjoying the 'Bubble' tableware set

I love the alphabet poster!  I have a black version up in my flat :)

If you're familiar with 'Top Drawer' the biannual merchandise event in London, you may of seen Tulipop on your way round.  With their B1 alphabet posters and giant cardboard cutouts of their characters they would of been hard to miss!

Amazing cakes by The Tattooed Bakers!  Tasted as delicious as they look, and the Mr Tree cake must of had at least 5 layers in it separated by jam and cream...oh my!

Character spoons - also available in a sterling silver engraved range.

Bubble stationary range and Mr Tree lamp.

The cutest money box i ever did see!

Dinner sets available in all character ranges.

You can find more out about Tulipop on their website :  Where they also have some printable sheets for you to colour in!...or you know, for the kids to colour in.

This event was held at the Icelandic Embassy, which was very fitting, and a nice comfortable space for everyone to look around and chat to the ladies!

Thank you for having me Tulipop!

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