Sunday, 23 February 2014

Floral Design

I've dabbled a bit in illustrating flowers, somehow they are a subject that often comes up.  And thank goodness I have!  From the days of working at Seasons in Old Amersham, I worked with Annie Rose and she has since gone off and qualified as a florist!  I've seen the beautiful creations she's been making over her course and training at a florist and have been so proud and pleased for her.

It was my absolute delight to be able to illustrate a logo for her.  I've been working more and more with typography and it was nice to put it to good use.  Alongside the illustrated rose the text works really well.  Annie requested we keep it simple in black and white so she can use it across all mediums without having to worry, which is a brilliant idea!  Colours can often come across as too harsh or muted, so her grayscale colour palette will hopefully stay classy where ever it is.

If you're interested in having me illustrate and design a logo for you, please send an email to me at and we can talk business!

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