Saturday, 7 June 2014

Berkhamsted Arts and Crafts Market

Just look at my table!  I'm so pleased with it!

For ages I've wanted something to build up my stalls with so that my work is more at eye level for passers-by.  It makes it more appealing if you don't have to bend over to look at everything.  These crates are nice and large, as you can see I've managed to even fit my A3 prints inside them.  I also added a few cute little plants, I wanted to create the feel of where you might display my work if you take home a print, and as I can't display on a wall...this is my next best thing!

Berkhamsted has a lovely market twice a month - on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of every month - and it is full of amazing sellers, with a great range of handmade and locally sourced goods.  I picked up a birthday present for a friend, enjoyed some cake from the cafe and got a free sample of soap, lovely.

Unfortunately, this was an extremely quiet day.  I've never had this before, I normally cover the cost of my stall + expenses, and have a nice chat with other stall holders and meet some new people.  This time I just had the nice chat and met some lovely people.  Sometimes markets are just like this!  You can't control how the day will pan out, what the weather will be like or how much people will buy.  It was too sunny outside I think, it wasn't just that people weren't spending, it was that there weren't enough people!  

I still took away positives from this market, you can't dwell on the money side of things.  For one, my table did look awesome!  Huzzah!  Secondly, the one postcard I did sell, I sold of the Town Hall that the market is held in, and that customer was really happy!  And thirdly, I met other local traders and saw what is being produced and happening in the area, which really is lovely.

If you're in Berkhamsted and would like to see me at this market, do get in touch!

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