Saturday, 31 May 2014

Floral Alphabet

Being creative in nature means I'm constantly thinking up fun/amazing/beautiful/inspiring new projects to do, either by myself or as little collaborations with fellow creatives.  This particular one was dreamt up between myself and Kate Bufton of Book Transformations.  The idea was to send each other postcards, each time with the next letter of the alphabet on with illustrations on a set theme.

As with most projects we got distracted with real work and got bogged down with the details - it took us a good few months to decide on a theme and even then if didn't get started so we (I) scratched that theme.  I send quite a few letters to my Gran and knowing she likes flowers I got her input and help with finding different flowers/plants for each letter of the alphabet.

These three floral alphabet cards will be going out to Kate, my Gran, and my friend Lou (who wanted to send more post this year).  But then this little project is going to finish here.  I might take up a different approach to the illustrations that makes it less demanding, and probably start again with that idea!  But not for a little while.

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