Monday, 23 February 2015

Renegade Craft Fair November 2014

I had such a lovely market selling at Renegade Craft Fair.  And, comparing to 2013's market, I also mark it a bigger success.  In general I think that the atmosphere and the whole fair has gone from strength to strength in the 3 years it's come to London.  I'm so grateful and happy to of been part of it for the last 2.

I really planned hard this time with the layout of my table.  Last time, I remember, I really did just wing it.  In other markets I'd done, my table had looked good, so what would go wrong?  Well, it was fine really.  But looking at what everyone else had done, really had me questioning my display.

So I thought it out.  I thought about what I wanted, and even made a few bits to bring in the added character I was looking for.  The sign was a real hit :) and it was definitely worth it painting the crates white - each is a different shade of white actually, my Dad had me using up old sample pots they had in the garage!

 Along with this I also streamlined my products.  Having my own little illustration world, I really do tend to keep everything I've done - what if someone sees it at this market and loves it?!  This time, I was strict with myself.  Screen-prints and building watercolour illustrations.  This, i think really paid off.  My stall looked much more complete and finished, rather than the work in progress that was last year.

Big sellers for me this time around were; Cushions - I sold 5 compared to the 1 I sold in 2013.  Watercolour Travel Kit - A brand new item!  But it got so much interest, I was over the moon.  Watercolour building illustrations - It was definitely a good call to have my originals on display alongside the digitally printed postcards.  Christmas cards - Last year, only friends and family bought them.  This year, I sold out before all friends and family could get theirs and didn't have any for myself to send out!

So, thank you Renegade, and London, for a brilliant market!

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