Monday, 2 March 2015

La Maison Blanche - Limoux

It's been a long time coming to share this finished postcard!  You can see some of my work in progress in this post here.  There were lots of elements to take into account and include on the front, as well as keeping the reverse informative.  I was happy with how the design came out, but only working from photos this time, I want to visit and illustrate one while I'm there!

Here they are in a local shop in Limoux, advertising the lovely 'La Maison Blanche' to locals and tourists alike.  Maybe 2015 will be the year for a weekend in the South of France!

Would you like a bespoke postcard illustrated for your business?  Then please get in touch and share your ideas!  Prices are bespoke to the request but start at around £100.

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