Monday, 23 March 2015

Sticking Together

 Bespoke tea towel design and personalised options.

A lot of couples are now asking for money rather than gifts at their weddings.  Living together before you're married is common practise these days and therefore couples already have everything they need!  But you don't always want to just hand them a cheque do you?  I've been having a few requests recently for tea towels for new couples, and it's also popular for the 2 year 'cotton' anniversary.

This design offers the buyer a personalised design, with the name of the new couple and the date they get married.  If you'd like this design for an unmarried couple, or perhaps the Bride didn't take the Grooms last name?  Then I can put first names instead of 'Mr & Mrs'.

Here is a selection of my tea towels on the front of my market table.

Inspired by the plant seen growing on the sides of footpaths and roads - Stickyweed!  It was always fun at school to stick it to each others backs without the other realising, and I've been reminded of those care free days on my walks into work, seeing all the stickyweed growing taller and taller.

I've printed this tea towel design in a lovely sage green, but other colours are always possible, specially if you'd like something more neutral, a light greet is nice too.

Unfortunately I'm currently not able to take any tea towel requests, but I am in search of a new print studio so do get in touch if you are interested via email at or comment below.

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