Sunday, 22 January 2012



This is a commission that is actually my first illustration where the people are the subject of the piece.  Sometimes people creep into my city scenes, but very often, not.  I haven't been very confident at illustrating people as there is so much to get right, proportions and such.  HOWEVER.  I worked on a Dog portrait in December, which you can read here, and it wasn't as difficult as I had worked it up to be.  That being said, I was still daunted by the thought of doing this illustration.

The brief I was given was quite open, there were a range of photos to choose from, they wanted more movement than detail, and to be able to recognise the dancers for who they actually are.  Now, the likeness of the male's face is not like for like to his real counterpart, but the couple dancing is definitely the couple it is of....If that makes sense?  The dress is the lady's favourite, the man always wears a black suit, and they dance around the dance floor with a lot of energy and poise.

Both were extremely happy with the illustration, which makes me one very Illustrator indeed!

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