Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Workshop at The Royal Masonic School for Girls

All forms of Book

I was contacted by RMS's textile teacher Mrs Bloomfield Proud, to come into the school and do a workshop for the girls working on a Children's Book project.  They have to take a cultural, traditional, children's story and interpret it how they will and produce a textile piece.  After seeing the work I've done which involve books, she was inspired to get me to inspire the girls!  

I took along examples of my work, in all different book forms to talk through with them.  As a bonus, I took along the children's book that I developed in my 2nd year at University as well as some of my favourite children's books that i have for *ahem, research and reference.

I demonstrated how to make a couple of books that involve only folds and cuts rather than stitching (as this is the option I normally go for myself) but also showed them a bit of stab binding as it's a good bind to know if you have numerous loose pages to put together and is relatively straight forward.

Hopefully the girls came out of it a bit more knowledgable and full of inspiration and ideas on how to possibly incorporate their current ideas into a book format.

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