Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gocco Printing

Whilst looking for ideas on workshops to do for my sister's birthday (see my last post here) I put a little shout out on twitter to see if anyone could recommend any or point me in the right direction.  The lovely Vicki of 'Accidental Vix' responded with a Gocco Printing workshop that she had booked onto in a few weeks time.  I was introduced to Vicki through Rob Jelinski and the Sketchbook Project.  And we've kept in touch since, offering feedback and support to each other and others involved in the projects.

This workshop seemed great, so while I offered it up as an option to do with my sister I knew I was going to do it even if she picked a different option!  £40 for a 3 hour workshop, and to come away with a screen that you can use further at home, as well as prints from the workshop and lots of lovely new knowledge about Gocco printing!

Above here you can see Vicki's lovely gocco prints.  She was thoughtful enough to bring along some baby grows to print onto as well as all the paper provided in the class.  I love the introduction of the little hearts sporadically over the surrounding area. 

You can visit Vicki's shop here and follow her on twitter here.  I met Vicki through doing the sketchbook project, and we fast became twitter friends, enjoying our arts and crafts and helping to support and promote each other.

My gocco print wasn't quite as successful.  I'm so used to printing with silkscreen that I didn't quite get it right.  However, I haven't given up yet!  Being able to take the screen home with me and re-use it, I'll be pracitsing to get it perfect.  The design i used was apparently a little tricky, but Xtina who runs the class managed to print it and was glad I'd opted to push the boundaries of gocco printing a bit as she now knows that something like my design is possible, where as before might not of been attempted.

If you'd like to do a Gocco printing workshop you can find the information in Xtina's shop here.

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