Friday, 14 June 2013

30 Days of Creativity

We're well into June now and that means I'm totally stocked up on postcards!  Throughout June I've pledged to 'Create Stuff' that I will be creative everyday in June.  There are no rules, and in fact when I first did this in 2011 I had no structure to my creativeness!  But last year and this year I decided to set myself a little project.  2012 saw me illustrating a building a day in a cute little watercolour Moleskin sketchbook.  This year I'm illustrating a postcard a day!  This falls in line with my personal task of the year-not buying any cards, greeting cards,postcards...none!

Here's a little peak at my progress along the way.  Ill be posting these off to friends and family over the month - but if you'd like one then just shout out,send me your details and ill pop one in the post.  

You'll notice quite a Parisian theme going on with the first week and that's because I was in Paris when I started the project!  Perfect timing as I'm always tempted to buy a million postcards when I'm travelling - this project saved me from doing so!


Have you pledged to 'Create Stuff' everyday in June too?  Share a link to your progress!

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Anonymous said...

I love the "Create Stuff" idea. It's so important to practice a bit of creativity every day-- though I certainly need to make the effort to do so! I just stumbled upon your lovely illustrations and wanted to let you know I selected you as my "Weekend Inspiration!" Keep it up!