Friday, 28 June 2013

Bird house workshop at Homemade London

Big thanks to Bosch and Cherry Healey for putting on this fab workshop, and to Homemade London for hosting the event!

What a lovely way to spend an evening - surrounded by crafty-ness (people and stuff alike!) fuelled by drinks and nibbles and the chance to play with DIY tools.  Bosch has recently launched a range of power tools that seem to be very 'woman friendly'.  They're small (compact) and light weight (no longer too feeble to hold a drill) and perfect for crafty projects you want to do at home.

I took along my friend and fellow illustrator Viktorija of 'andsmile' and we had a fab evening!  We tested out the 'Glue pen' in the traditional method of decorating a birdhouse.  It's cordless, which made a huge difference to the glue gun experience!  We didn't have to sit within distance of a plug, therefore were able to be spread out nicely around a table whilst we each got on with our decorating.

Viktorija's birdhouse

My birdhouse

On the night, we were also able to try out the sander - so light! so easy to use! gets into small nooks and crannies!

Do you have a power tool that you can recommend?  I'll be looking for projects left, right and centre to use my glue pen for!

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